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Beyond Plastik is one of the few startups that sprouted when the entire world was shut down for the pandemic. Pandemic or not, the problems that we encounter with plastic and the usage of unsustainable products and packaging has displayed a threat that challenged the ecological balance of our planet.

Beyond Plastik is in the mission of decreasing plastic usage in households and packaging and to offer innovative solutions to Office Spaces, Retail, and the Hospitality sector to drive to greener options.

With a vision to make the earth a better place, We personalize individual and ecofriendly alternatives for each space. The world has been desperately working towards a plastic-free revolution! If you are one of those, who wants to take a part in this revolution, BeyondPlastik is ready to assist you with the latest and advanced ecological alternatives.

Our values:
Responsible Manufacturing:  
Being Gentle on Earth is BeyondPlastik’s main agenda. the entire process of manufacturing the most sustainable packaging alternatives happens with so much love and responsibility towards the earth.
Constant Learning and Innovation:
We empower our team and push ourselves harder to solve the challenges and to suggest the packaging alternatives that are exclusively handmade for you.
Honesty and Transparency:
BeyondPlastik’s products are handmade with ingredients that are generated directly from the earth. the products that arise from the earth, should go back unquestionably into it, isn’t it? The products that Beyond Plastik manufactures are absolutely compostable! what comes from earth must go back into the earth is what we believe.
Opportunities to all:

We believe in creating equal opportunities throughout our product life cycle. This way you can always show your support for local communities by shopping with Beyond Plastik. If you believe in Diversity and Inclusion, Join your hands with us to Go Vocal for Local.

Make in India:
The products that we manufacture are entirely made in India. the Indian essence never fails to reflect on our products. Truly handmade in the most culturable country to build a better impact on the world.
We truly believe in protecting fragile ecosystems, hence we source our raw materials from the earth. Every day, we add stunning new products to create a better environment for our customers. Rearrange every part of your house by replacing your surroundings BeyondPlastik’s products that are created by raw materials of the earth. With every purchase you make, we plant a tree! It’s a proven fact that each plant creates its impact towards a better environment and that is why we are planting a tree for you to do your part for the mother earth! Shop regularly with BeyondPlastik because that way you can create a mini forest.

We collaborate with a diversified circle of people to introduce you to the most sustainable decisions. At Beyond Plastik, along with the 3 P’s (People, Planet, Profit), we take the 6 R’s seriously (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink, Refuse, Repair).

Roll your eyes right now on BeyondPlastik’s huge ray of handmade packaging alternatives. A bunch of green products and earth-friendly alternatives around will never fail to create a healthful environment.
Come partner with us! Let’s together create sustainable living no longer a dream but a reality. It’s our collective responsibility to leave the planet as a better place to survive for generations to come.