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Design Consultation

BeyondPlastik’s design consultation provides its customer with an opportunity to personalize the packaging alternatives and start the conceptual process towards making the earth a better place! Do you want to host a plastic-free party? Here is an exciting opportunity for you to discuss and implement customized sustainable alternatives for environmentally friendly products. 

BeyondPlastik introduces you to the workshops that are organized to sensitize and educate the employees of your organization. Creating a plastic-free environment in your company can impact your employees mentally and physically. BeyondPlastik’s first main focus is to create a powerful mindset by educating each and every employee towards forming a better earth with your corporation. Becoming a greener company will improve the brand. As one of the core responsibilities of the organization, firms must educate their employees to conduct workshops to detail an environmentally positive culture.
Corporate Workshops

Sustainability Audit

It is a part of the responsibility to create carbon-neutral products. We offer audit services to measure the carbon footprint of your products. After each and every audit, BeyondPlastik provides you with various recommendations to rectify and modify the product accordingly. BeyondPlastik’s sustainability audit will help you transform the products towards being 100% earth-friendly. Transforming into a planet-friendly carbon neutral company will increase the brand image of the organization as the world is looking forward to creating a plastic-free culture.