The future of
Bio-materials is here

Global Challenges need Global Solutions

Why Us

We help companies to achieve their Net Zero goals and comply with Environmental Law and Regulations

We have a theory

The Earth can save itself. We need to save the human race.

Most of the waste is composed of unsustainable materials and is choking our water bodies and filling our lands. It destroys the Earth and threatens the life on it – marine life, wildlife, and even our own. But this doesn’t have to be so…

Imagine a future where the human race and the planet thrive together harmoniously and symbiotically — a future where even our waste can nourish the soils, waterways, air quality, habitats, marine and wildlife, the climate, and ourselves. A future where brands, companies, and individuals are conscious of their environmental and social responsibilities and make choices that create positive impacts.

At Beyond Plastik, we create this future, rather than just imagining it.

India generates about 350 million tonnes of agricultural waste every year


Our in-house processes use this agro-waste discarded by companies to create new biomaterials for the consumer industry through packaging and other forms.
80 Million
tonnes of crop residue
burnt in India
10 Million
tonnes of plastic dumped
in oceans annually
50 %
of plastic produced
worldwide is single use
1 Million
marine animals are killed by plastic pollution every year