Let’s create a sustainable future!



A planet-lover who transitioned from the field of Media to work in the Climate sector.
Sunitha is an alumni of the Earth School Terra.do, and has spent 5 years researching and understanding human behaviour in sustainability,

She noticed the huge gap between research and commercialisation of solutions for many of the challenges we face today. Although the world has a great set of people working in research, the lack of a go-to market has made many of these ground-breaking solutions end up as research publications and reference materials alone.

Her quest for solutions has landed her in one of the toughest challenges of the world today— the need for new biomaterials in sustainability in packaging.

She with her team of tree huggers are determined to bring some innovative solutions to tackle climate change.

Our Vision

A world where the human race and the planet thrive mutually and harmoniously, where the materials we use enriches the planet and ourselves, and the elimination of pollution and waste caused by plastic and other harmful materials.

Our Mission

To develop and provide sustainable substitutes for packaging and meet the growing demand for home-compostable products by creating new biomaterials that are regenerative.

Our Core Values


for the planet and our


and Transparency
in our work


of new bio-materials and 100% sustainable alternatives


positively on our planet, leaving no waste behind


to strengthen our
cause and impact